What a week

This week was vicious. I had multiple people that decided not to even try to pay their rent for various reasons. I had to put my “B-word” hat on and go beat on some doors, which I hate. One has been struggling because his room mate left, one got pregnant and decided that since her dr demanded she be on bed rest and mandatory no work that she was no longer responsible for her lease, and a couple decided they just didn’t feel like paying it on time. People, you KNOW your rent is due on the 1st of every month, let’s not play games. And don’t say “Oh, I could have sworn I paid you.” Uh, no you didn’t. And you know very well that you didn’t. And now you look like an even bigger idiot, if that’s possible.

Some how things winded up being ok in most instances, or maybe it just seems that way because the residual anger from having to beat on doors and demand rent checks has finally diminished and I am feeling like my foot loose and fancy free friday self again. That’s right my friends, what a magical word: FRIDAY!

Next week should be relatively stress free until Thursday, the 1st. Ah, but the 1st isn’t really that stressful, it’s just busy. After dealing with non-paying idiots for a week, normal people flooding in to pay their rent on time seems like a blessing.

My favorite people in for nonpayment are the people who, up until two months ago, were 100% homeless. They applied for this assistance program and my owners, being the charitable open minded people that they are decided we would be willing to allow a chance for some of these people to stay in our apartments at an incredibly reduced rate. Lo and behold, their first check for their incredibly cheap rent and deposit bounced, and they didn’t even attempt to pay for this month, OH and they have been harassing their neighbors about running up and down the stairs next to their apartment. I got an email from the utility company that they requested their utilities to be shut off, apparently they didn’t pay those either.

I hope they are out of their apartment when I check it on Monday. Maybe it sounds like I’m this heartless greed monger, but just remember, their rent was ridiculously reduced for them so they would be able to pay it. Then, after bouncing their first check, they didn’t even feel it was necessary to attempt to pay anything on this month’s rent. That’s gratitude for ya.


2 thoughts on “What a week

  1. kbnelson says:

    We had a renter in a little cabin we have in town. He got in, with OACAC’s help, then wouldn’t pay his utilities, etc. He was always spending his money on vet bills for his dog, buying new cars…the usual. Finally, his dog died, and he just couldn’t wait an hour or two for the sheriff to come and get it for him, so he BURIED it in OUR YARD. It was a huge rottweiler. Mercifully, we got him out in only 3 months.

    • l4nm4rs says:

      Good Grief! Three months is an eternity. This was a one time charity effort on my owner’s part to help out the ladies at the Kitchen here in town. NEVER AGAIN.

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