Awesome List #1: Brandi Carlile

I occasionally find something, whether it’s music, a website, a service, a place in town, a type of beverage or a zillion other things that I consider to be AWESOME. This doesn’t happen that often, most of the time things are just OK. I am going to start a thread of these things so I can express my zeal for them and it shall be called The Awesome list.

1. Brandi Carlile: Every song is epically beautiful and her voice sends chills like angels’ breathe down my spine when she reaches the high notes. I bought four of her albums from GoMusicNow.Com a while back and every single song is amazing. I’m gonna go see her in concert in December (Columbia, MO at the Blue Note).

Dear Ms. Carlile,

I hereby dub you Awesome, so much so that I am making you El Numero Uno on my Awesome list. Now sing a song and do a dance in your underpants… cause you’ve earned it!

Lan Mars


One thought on “Awesome List #1: Brandi Carlile

  1. Lisa Medley says:

    Oooohh I love her too! We are kindred spirits girl! Sit by me at ORA next month. I’m sure we can get into some trouble 😉

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