Thrift Store Steals #1

Here is another list I’m starting: My interesting and incredibly well priced thrift store finds. I have about a million of these in my house, but today I will just talk about my latest finds.



I usually go to the thrift store looking for something I have seen in plentiful supply there in the past. Today it was cowboy boots. I need a pair, but didn’t find any on this visit.

What I DID find is pretty amazing though. Heather and I start riding on Thursday, and it is her first time, so what better to find than a superb quality riding helmet, in her size, for only $5. That’s right, five bucks!!!

I am including a link for the helmet I found.

They are currently going for about $50 + Shipping. Yay me!

I also found the complete unabridged Silmarillion on audio cd for only $20! On it is going for $50 + Shipping new and about $40 + Shipping in Like New condition.

I’m gonna put it on amazon and sell it. See… I just doubled my money… CHA-CHING!

Here’s the link to that:


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