1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a Nerf War.

OK. SO this is somewhat random. It seemed almost too vague to put on the Awesome List, so I will just go on about it a bit and that should cover the subject in an acceptable manner. So here goes.. I have recently discovered Etsy.com (which I may very well actually write an Awesome List article) and I have also recently become friends with a girl who writes Steampunk fiction novels. Now, I have been obsessed with the show Firefly for quite a while as it is most surely the best show that has ever been on television. I would not normally make such grandiose statements and now that I’m thinking about it, I will definitely be adding it to the Awesome List.

SO, the style of dress and weaponry and the general feel of Firefly is the best audiovisual way for me to describe my idea of what Steampunk is. Lite Steampunk anyway. If you’ve never been graced with the splendiferous jewel of genius that IS Firefly, then just think post-apocolyptic space pirate cowboys. I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, that’s the coolest thing ever. I want to go to there.” And you would be correct. If you were somewhat confused by that jumble of imagery in your head and hadn’t yet made it to that conclusion, don’t worry. I know you would have reached that conclusion eventually cause you’re just cool like that I reckon. Let’s go on.

I used to play with Nerf guns with my 5 year old nephew until he moved away, which made me very sad. I miss him terribly. I miss having someone to have Nerf wars with. The great thing about Nerf guns is that they have the cool factor of guns without the murderous psycho life-taking crap factor of guns. Also, most children that love nerf guns are young males, usually with some form of ADHD, and I can’t think of anything more fun than unleashing a butt load of Nerf arrow fury out on some annoying overly energetic turd that pokes me in the shoulder fifteen thousand times to get my attention while I am trying to have a conversation with his mother or sisters. Don’t worry, I’m not going to procreate. The children are safe.

We have established that I love Nerf gun shoot outs and Steampunkery. So here is what the combination of those things looks like:







And if you add a steampunk chick to it, it looks something like this:






6 thoughts on “1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a Nerf War.

  1. Scarlet Rose Creations says:

    Thank you! I LOVE Steampunk (currently reading Boneshaker, a Steampunk novel) and Firefly IS Awesomeness! There are Steampunk festivals starting to pop up all over the country, too, so you might want to check that out (just in case your love affair with Steampunk extends to actually dressing up like the chick above. :).
    As for Nerf…it’s Nerf, or Nothing! I loved my Nerf football and I could throw it farther than any guy my age, back in the day. Nerf guns are awesome and NOW they make bandoliers with reloads!
    Thanks for the random post of Awesomeness!

    • l4nm4rs says:

      I know Ali Mer just read that a while back. I’m thinking I gotta get into some steampunk soon. Maybe we will have one on a book club selection coming up? I wish we could pick a category of book to suggest each month, that way it’s not all over the place on what there is to choose from (hint hint Karen). It would also give us more to discuss and I think discussions are fun as long as I’m not the only one participating.

  2. kbnelson says:

    Love, love, love Firefly (own the whole series on DVD), and have an ongoing crush on Nathan Fillion. Favorite quote from the series…(Bad guys) “She’s a Witch!” (The god-like Nathan Fillion) “Yeah, but she’s our witch, so cut her the hell down.”
    I know next to zip about steampunk, other than it is cooler than cool, and even I would tote a gun that looked like the one here, just for the sheer awesomeness of it.
    You need to write a whole post dedicated to Firefly, then another one for Steampunk (with suggestions for books and movies!)

    • l4nm4rs says:

      When I read my first steam punk novel I will definitely write a post about the experience. Come to think of it though, a lot of dystopian fiction is ery similar to steampunk, atleast the style and atmosphere I should think. Maybe I’m way off track.

  3. Kat Lowe says:

    I am so going to get nerf guns for me and my daughters! (For the fencing off-season when we can’t play pirates with the gang.)

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