ATTN: Music Lovers!! This is MONUMENTAL!!

I have never been more genuinely happy about one of my genius husband’s discoveries than I am about this one. Please keep reading as I share the most wonderful thing since the invention of the wheel… and as soon as you finish reading this and comment on my article (because I am sharing this gift with you), you need to go to this website immediately.


We have been looking for a way to fill up my sisters ipod because she rides the bus and wants to tune out the rest of the kids on there while she’s on it.


We wanted to go with a Zune pass, but as soon as you discontinue the service you will lose the majority of the music you downloaded. What a rip off.

I have been using Amazon’s $.69 hits and monthly $5 album specials to get my music, but it still limits me to whatever they deem sale-worthy.

I also use a website called which only charges like $3.45 per cd, but there’s the whole waiting period, and getting on a list if the cd you want is not posted and on and on.

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Those services were fraught with expense and irritation. While we could just download one of the peer to peer sharing sites and steal the songs, we choose not to do that because we believe it’s stealing. I have been stolen from before and it’s not fun. Those services are the same thing, on top of which, they are loaded with viruses just waiting to shut your computer down.


So my husband, the consummate researcher and mega genius that he is, finds this website called GOMUSICNOW.COM. You can’t buy the stuff per item like you could with amazon, you have to put a credit on your account and then use that to buy the stuff. But here’s the most amazing part: Entire albums cost about $1-$2 each. THAT’S RIGHT!!! ENTIRE ALBUMS COST BARELY MORE THAN ONE SONG ON AMAZON OR ITUNES. Don’t want o buy the whole album? You don’t have to, you can buy each song for 9-15 cents PER SONG.

BUT WAIT! There’s more! I am an incredibly nostalgic person and I have been wanting all these soundtracks of movies I was obsessed with when I was a kid. I will now post pictures of those albums and how much I paid for them. Keep in mind that most of them (Legend, NeverEnding Story, and Willow) are incredibly rare and either expensive to download or completely unavailable. On the Legend soundtrack cd with the original Tangerine Dream score was like $50!!! SO, without further ADO.. I give the music I bought yesterday and how much I paid for it.

BRAND NEW “Muppets: The Green Album”: $1.62

“Wasting Light”: New album by the Foo Fighters: $1.49

Princess Bride Soundtrack: $.97

Legend Soundtrack: $2.03

The Neverending Story: $1.22

An American Tail: $1.13

The Land Before Time: $.57

Now that you have the idea… I will post pics of all the other albums I got… this is the best thing EVER!!! These are not ALL of the albums we got, just a large portion. We also bought several individual songs. Seriously… We only posted $60 on our account and after buying all these and many more, we still have about $20 left.